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Ewenity Farms is a member of NABCRN.Ewenity Farms is a member of NABCRN.

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Eva has a new home for Christmas!



Eva (Scooter) was adopted but there is a BIG story behind that.

She had luxating patellas and that is why in all her pictures she is sitting and she could not walk. Sandra took her to her veternarian in Georgia and we were offered a BIG discount on bilateral knee surgery at Tuskegee Vet School plus an offer of free rehab for her. There would have to be 2 surgeries one on each knee with weeks of rehab in between surgery. But she recovered so quickly they did the 2nd surgery last week, a week apart from the other. The vet students renamed her scooter because she could only scoot around. During her hospitalization, one of the vet students fell in love with her and yesterday asked me if we would adopt to her. She is a vet student and cannot afford the adoption fee. We realized that Scooter was going to always be a special needs dog, she would even with surgery never walk right or play as hard and fast as the other dogs. Early arthritis will be coming on also, and the student just felt a special spark towards Scooter.

Laura was trying desparately to get the money for her adoption fee....even trying to get the docs to chip in . . . We just felt that this is a special bond between them and had to honor that. Its just not about the money and for petes sake it is Christmas ! ! !

So papers were signed yesterday and Scooter was given to her new owner. She is going home with her over school break to Texas for the holidays, and then will be back with her new mom when school starts. We will be getting regular updates and pictures on her progress. We could not have thought of a better Christmas gift or story than this, it was just meant to be.

Congratulations to Laura and little Scooter on their new life together!!!