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Ewenity Farms is a member of NABCRN.Ewenity Farms is a member of NABCRN.

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Many of our rescued dogs come to us with heartworms others come into our program with serious injuries resulting from animal cruelty, neglect or having been hit by a car. Your financial support makes it possible for us to give these animals a second chance at a happy life. Please help us by donating via Pay Pal

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Here is an update on Paige. This update would not be complete, with out the whole story of Paige.

Paige is a dog that came to us from Arkansas. She was found running between cars on a 4 lane road (escaped death once). Paige was found to be heart worm positive, and she was accepted by Ewenity Farm for Treatment and rehoming (escaped death twice). Then you get an email like this from her new Dad and Mom, and it is all worth it . . .

Hi Jill & Richard,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how well Paige is doing. We skipped Obedience One and went straight into Obedience Two (she is a Border Collie after all). She passed her Canine Good Citizenship test without a hitch (was there ever a doubt?)

My girlfriend has been taking her to work (Lauren is an Occupational Therapist at a facility that specializes in people with traumatic brain injuries and behavioral issues) about once a week and she is loved by patients and staff alike. She is more exhausted by a day at the facility than by any exercise/walk we do!

My parent's Dobermann had an aneurysm and died last week. We let them keep Paige this week so the house would not seem so lonely. Paige has convinced them that a medium size Border or Border mix with a similar temperament might be a great thing (although they might also get another Dobie).

My parents are early 70's, active and spend 6 month in Florida and 6 months in Northern Michigan. Their home in Northern Michigan is dog paradise--lots of room to run and a lake as well. They are looking for a younger (1 year or less), medium sized (30-50lbs.) Border who is good with kids, other dogs, cats and large groups (a Paige type). They do not need or want a higher energy/extra strong prey drive type.

Let me know if you and your BC rescue brethren have any pups that might fit their needs.

In the meantime, I will give Paige a belly rub from you!


SPECIAL NOTE OF THANKS - It should be mentioned that heart worm treatment is expensive. It is with great thanks that I want to mention one our vets - Dr. Laura Thomas and her staff in Covington, GA. These animal care professionals are some of the most caring individuals that I know. I am constantly amazed by their abilities and desire to help.

Thanks Dr T!